B. Erdenetsetseg, B. Otgontsetseg

Our names are B.Erdenetsetseg and B.Otgontsetseg.

We are a herder family in Khangai sum, Arkhangai aimag. My sister is a graduate student at the Medical University, and I am a graduate student at the National University of Mongolia. It has been 2 years since we started giving milk to the factory. Our family used to sell our livestock in the fall to pay for our tuition before we started selling milk to the factory. For the last two years, we have been giving milk to the factory and paying our tuition fees. Selling milk has saved a lot of time. Before we started sending the milk to the factory my sister and I, my parents, and my younger siblings worked from morning till night, consuming a lot of firewood and labor. Now we have a lot of free time and opportunities to develop ourselves. The dairy factory in our sum has helped many families. We are grateful for the factory.



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